As the gospel spread across the Roman world in the first decades after Jesus’ earthly ministry, conflict arose. Jews and Gentiles were believing the gospel, and a struggle over what it meant to be a Christian began. What does it mean to live under grace? Do you have to keep the Law to be a Christian? All of it or just part of it? Who is right? How will we know?

God used an apostle to write a letter to some churches that were struggling with this issue, a letter that still speaks today. Its message clearly defines the relationship between Law and grace, and how Christians live under grace, led by the Spirit, free from bondage.

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MORNING CLASS (Precept Upon Precept): Start Date: July 6th – August 17th (Thursday Mornings) | 10:30am-11:30am (EDT) [Limited spots so register soon!]
Eventbrite - Galatians Summer Study ~ Online Class

EVENING CLASS (In & Out): Start Date: July 5th – August 16th (Wednesday Evenings) | 7:30pm-8:30pm (EDT) [Limited spots so register soon!]
Eventbrite - Galatians Summer Study ~ Online Class (Evening)

Join us online on Monday, June 26th from 8pm – 9pm(EDT) for our LIVE webcast. We hope you can join us for this webcast as Mark walks through an orientation to help prepare for the Summer Study!

This summer there are 2 options of study that you can choose from.
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1. Precept Upon Precept

7 Week Study
-Available in NASB & ESV

Precept Upon Precept® Bible Studies are in-depth, Inductive studies in an easy-to-follow, daily format that takes approximately one hour per day. When you’re ready to intimately understand the whole counsel of God, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, you’re ready for Precept Upon Precept. Training required for leaders. Optional CD and DVD of lectures are also available.





2. In & Out

7 Week Study
– Available in NASB & ESV

Want to go deeper, but not ready for Precept Upon Precept? In & Out is a streamlined approach to the same material but requires fewer hours of study time. Optional CD and DVD lectures available. Great for those who thirst to Go Deeper or who are ready to Disciple through book studies without extensive study skills or advanced techniques.




If you’re not able to commit to the 7 weeks of study, you can join us in Brantford, ON for a week of study from July 10-15th. Click on the image below for more information.