Stay in the Word and Don’t Doubt God

Yesterday we saw that when discouragement comes, we must keep the lines of communication open. The second thing you need to do when discouragement seeks to capture your heart is to stay in the Word of God. Believe God no matter what you see, no matter what you feel.

Remember how Satan operates: One of the most important parts of war is that of intelligence, information about the enemy. A good commander knows the enemy. He gathers all of the information he can about his enemy so that he’ll understand his tactics and his forces and can try to discern his plans. In 2 Corinthians 2:11, it’s clear that Satan can take advantage of us if we are ignorant of Satan’s tricks or devices.

As the saying goes, “mark it down”—in other words, get it down, record it so you don’t forget it. One of Satan’s tactics is to accuse. He’s the accuser of the brethren. And he’s the accuser of God. In the first record of Satan’s seduction of man, we find him accusing God as he casts doubt on God’s Word and accuses Him of withholding good from Adam and Eve. Look up Genesis 3:1-5 and then record how the serpent goes about accusing God. List your insights below.

The devil will accuse God of not loving you, not caring for you, not providing for you, and so on, just as he accused Him to Adam and Eve. Satan does this because what he wants more than anything else is to put a wedge between you and God, and he’ll do it through disappointment and discouragement if you allow him to.

This brings me to the third thing you need to do. Don’t ever doubt God’s love or concern for you as His child—no matter what you have done, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Don’t accuse God of not loving you, of not protecting you, of not caring for you. This is what brought defeat to the children of Israel at Kadesh-barnea. They got it into their heads that God didn’t care about them and wouldn’t protect them (Numbers 14:1-4). As some of our American GIs were seduced by Tokyo Rose, so the Israelites were seduced by the discouraging words of the spies.

Be careful, Beloved, who you tune in to. This is why it is so critical to tune in to God’s Word daily, not for “brownie points” or to get God or guilt off your back, but to sustain yourself. To nourish your soul, to gain help and understanding. You need to read the Bible book by book—but in such a way that you just don’t read it and forget what you read. You need to study it, to discover for yourself (and you can, no matter what your level of education) what God is saying, what He means, and how you are to apply it, to adjust your thinking and behavior to what He says.

The New Inductive Study Series (NISS), which covers every book of the Bible, is ideal for this. In 15–30 minutes a day, you can move systematically through the Bible book by book and get something out of it every time. You’ll remember what you just read. If you’ll get an NISS on any book of the Bible and a New Inductive Study Bible (NISB) and use it, you will be absolutely astounded at what you learn. And it will transform you.

This blog post is excerpted from the out-of-print 30-day devotional “How to Stand Firm Against the Five Deadly D’s” by Kay Arthur.

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