Forgiveness is always a choice. We can choose to forgive those who have hurt us. Or, we can choose to hold on to that hurt, never let it go and remain in a dark, awkward place, especially when we run in to those we choose to not forgive.

This is the choice Rhonda had to make. Rhonda was raised in a dark and broken home. She carried a lot of those scars for many years. In the past few weeks, Rhonda was introduced to a 40-Minute Bible Study called Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past.

As Rhonda progressed through the 6-week study, she began to face the difficult reality that she needed to let go of those hurts and extend forgiveness. This reality came with many prayers and tears. God’s Word was penetrating Rhonda’s heart; the Holy Spirit was bringing her to the reality of the forgiveness she had experienced when she confessed her sin and made Jesus the Lord of her life.

rhonda_emailRhonda explains it in her own words:

“Since I started Precept classes, the last one being Forgiveness: Breaking the Power of the Past, it has absolutely changed the way I read the Bible and study God’s Word. The 40-minute inductive Bible study instructed me to mark key words and phrases, which slowed me down while gaining more insight into what God is saying or what is taking place. This study helped me better understand the Bible and even opened my eyes to God’s Word and what it means to truly forgive someone and walk in freedom from the pains of the past. Not only did I learn it is commanded by God, but it also helped me take the steps to forgive a person who I had been holding years—even decades—of unforgiveness for and never thought I could.”

When people learn to study God’s Word, it not only changes their lives, but also the lives of those around them.

There are so many stories across Canada like Rhonda’s. Men and women living in darkness are unaware of the truth of God’s Word when it comes to not only forgiveness, but also how to live a life that brings honour and glory to God.

When you support Precept Ministries in Canada:

  • You join us in reaching people like Rhonda with solid Bible study resources and a proven method of Bible study.
  • New Bible study leaders are raised up through training workshops.
  • Hundreds of new classes can start each year.
  • Materials are translated into French.
  • Materials can be sent to remote areas of our country where God’s Word is desperately needed.

Your financial support is critical to establishing our country in God’s Word. Would you prayerfully consider making a sacrificial gift to Precept Ministries Canada?

It’s time that our nation returns to God and His Word. I believe that God will use your contributions to this ministry to establish thousands of Canadians in His Word.

Serving Him together,

Mark Sheldrake

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