mark_sheldrakeEvery morning when I wake up and look out my bedroom window two things go through my mind. I look at the weather and usually think, “it’s a good day for a run.” But the more important second thought is, “it’s an even better day to make disciples.”

In 2014 I covered almost 20,000 km of our beautiful country, including crossing Canada in 12 days and then later in the year visiting some provinces for a second time. I met a lot of wonderful people. I love hearing testimonies of how Inductive Bible Study is helping you understand God’s Word. You are taking the truth and letting it sink deep into your heart and God is transforming you day-by-day to be more like Him. This is discipleship!

One of the foremost questions I ask the Lord is, “How will You use this ministry to make a greater impact in Canada and bring more glory to You?” That is a huge question to put on the table considering everything God is already doing through Precept Ministries. Think about this. . .we have trained more people this year, raised more funds, seen an increase in classes and new students and yet Precept Ministries impact in Canada is still very small. There are still many places in our country that have never heard of Precept, never experienced the power of studying God’s Word using the inductive method. There are provinces like P.E.I, Newfoundland, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan where the number of people being established in God’s Word is counted by ones and tens rather than hundreds. With so many unreached areas of our country we could have a defeated attitude or we could go before the Lord with expectant hearts asking Him to increase our impact in these regions.


I love how Paul explains to the Roman believers why he had not been to Rome as of yet. In Romans 15 he says, “And thus I aspired to preach the gospel, not where Christ was already named, so that I would not build on another man’s foundation.” What a model of discipleship, Paul went to the unreached areas and brought the Gospel to them and we read of the fruit of these trips throughout the New Testament. This is the desire we share here, we desire to bring inductive study to the entire nation, so that those who experience and become established in God’s Word through inductive study will live transformed in their relationship with Jesus Christ and those around them. We believe the Great Commission’s scope, “to go and make disciples of all nations,” applies to Canada as well in all provinces, cities and towns.

While it is exciting to see God answer the prayers of the ministry, I firmly believe God is just getting started here in Canada. God will open more doors for training and classes, provide more funds and resources needed to establish more people in His Word and He is going to call and equip more people to serve side-by-side with our team in Brantford and the existing workshop trainers and Bible study leaders who are spread across the country.

I urge you who have been brought to salvation or established in God’s Word through Precept, whether through your study, or one of Kay’s messages, a television or radio program that showed you how to discover truth for yourself, a workshop, a neighbour, a parent, a pastor, a friend—however you were impacted—to pray and ask God how He could use you in 2015 to establish more Canadians in His Word.

Here are some suggestions to guide you as you pray:

  • God, how will You use me to establish more Canadians in God’s Word?
  • Pray for our ministry team of staff, trainers, Bible study leaders and students across Canada.
  • Pray for our unreached areas in Canada that God would open doors for people to train and start classes.
  • Ask God whether you should start a new small group (who, what study, when, where. . .God will show you.)
  • Does God want you to establish teenagers or children through Sunday School or Youth Ministry?
  • Ask God if He wants you to host training in 2015
  • Pray about bringing new people to a study or workshop.
  • Does God want you to join our Precept Network as a City Leader?
  • Is God calling you to become a Precept Trainer?
  • Maybe God will stir up the spiritual gift of giving in you to become a monthly supporter with the E-Team.

Will you join me in asking God to do great things through you and Precept? God wants to use me and you to establish more people in His Word. All you have to do is be willing to pray, be willing to respond when He answers and finally be obedient to His Commission.