barb-rogelstadby Barb Rogelstad, On-line Bible Study Leader

“We are so glad you’ve chosen to study God’s Word. You’re in for a rich time learning about God, His character, His ways, and the relationship we have with Him.” These were the opening words of Genesis Part 1 P.U.P. as I began my leadership adventure with Precept Ministries with a twist this time—it was all On-line. It was new and a bit unnerving but I knew the Holy Spirit would be with me giving me wisdom for each ‘cyberspace step.’

Precept Canada began On-line Bible Studies one year ago with a class of eager participants from BC to Quebec. As we continued a few more from eastern Canada joined us and one from N.Y. As with many Bible study groups the participants come and go, but from the beginning we’ve had five consistent participants and 10-12 others who’ve joined us off and on.

On-line Bible Studies work well in a number of situations including:

  • those who live far from their home church and cannot attend mid-week studies.
  • when babysitting is not an option you can be at home with your family and still be part of a group
  • to avoid dangerous winter driving conditions.

Whatever the reason I am thankful to the Lord for this positive use of the Internet bringing Canadians from coast to coast together for 90 minutes each week. God’s Word has given each one encouragement and challenged individuals to faithfully study His Word. It has awakened the participants to the truths of Scripture never before understood and motivated still others to engage in Precept leadership in their local church.

Precept welcomes applications for On-line Bible Study Leadership. Successful applicants are trained to use the on-line meeting space. Your confidence will increase as you lead under the direction of the Holy Spirit and with support from Precept. Prayerfully consider this privilege to lead others in the inductive study of God’s Word.


For details of on-line Bible study groups, visit the class finder on the Precept Online Community.