July 15th, 2016

Let’s multiply and grow in the knowledge of God!

Terry_circleI’m not the kind of guy who likes to study or learn things by reading. I prefer the “hands on” kind of learning. I guess you could say that I’m one of those kind of guys who likes to set aside the instructions just in case they are needed. Then there are those who are the total opposite, they love to study. They love to gain knowledge, but that doesn’t mean it’s profitable.

When it comes to studying the Bible we can be either one of those two types of people. There are those who just listen to great sermons and lay aside their Bibles, except for the rare occasion that they happen to open it to look something up.  Then there are those who study their Bible for hours a day, possibly inductively, gaining more and more knowledge, but not applying it to their lives.

In 2 Peter 1, Peter wanted “those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours” (v.1) to multiply in the knowledge of God. That means actively spending time studying His word, so that we can multiply in the knowledge of God and apply that knowledge to their lives.

How do I know that I’m applying the knowledge I’ve learned from studying the Bible? I should be seeing an increase in moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love in my life. Not only that, but I should also be actively working on increasing those qualities, and if these qualities aren’t visible, according to 2 Peter 1:9, I’m blind or short-sighted, forgetting why Jesus died for my sins.

It isn’t easy for me to study, especially doing a Precept upon Precept study. As long as I’m diligent to spend the time completing my homework for each lesson, and then meet to discuss what I’ve learned with others who are also going through this study, I’ll be able to apply this knowledge to my life and become more like the person God wants me to be.

Do you know someone who struggles to study their Bible or reads it without applying it to their life? How can you encourage them to keep it up? How can you encourage them to apply what they’ve just learned?

– Terry


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