Wednesday, August 5th

It is hard to believe that we have come to an end in our 2 Timothy study. Have you learned about the importance of guarding the treasure? I have been blessed by our time together in God’s Word. After 35 days of study, 5 online classes and 2 Live Event Webcasts we are finished with our overview of 2 Timothy. There is so much meat in that letter that you must feel as though there is so much more that could be discussed or studied.

2Timinout2timpupI have great news for you, you don’t have to stop studying, you can keep going using the following two studies, you can purchase 2 Timothy In & Out Study which has just been released or you can purchase our 2 Timothy Precept Upon Precept Study. The Precept Upon Precept study is what our staff were working through while each of you covered the New Inductive Study Series. This study is so in-depth that our team is still studying chapter 2 and we’ve just finished up to verse 15. There is so much to learn, so much to apply, and so much to be blessed by that I would encourage you to keep studying.

This final blog post is meant to encourage you to press on in your studies, but as Paul also told Timothy, the things which you heard…entrust to faithful men. Today is August 5th and we have a few weeks left before most people will gear up for their fall classes. So, I have a question for you: “What are you going to do over the next 6 weeks? Many of us, including my wife and I, will spend some time on vacation. Others will continue working, but you see, as a group, we have carved out time in our schedules to study 2 Timothy, join the online classes, read the blogs, and tune in to the Live Webcasts. All of this has been a priority for 35 days. But now that routine has come to an end so ask yourself, “What’s next?” How can you keep that fire and passion for being in God’s Word ignited until fall classes start? As mentioned earlier you can keep on studying, using the same NISS book that has 2 Timothy in it. It also has two other books of the Bible you can work through. But here’s an idea: why not get a friend to meet with you for the next 6 weeks and do a study together? This would be a tremendous opportunity for you to entrust what you have learned to others.

I am convinced that there is no greater time than now to be guarding the truth of God’s Word, but also, I am convicted that we must entrust God’s word to those who will be faithful in passing it on to others. I love this ministry because I believe we have the best study tools and the best method for studying God’s Word, and with these tools and method we will ensure that the treasure is guarded, that this treasure is handled accurately, and that those who study, those who teach, and those who commit to making disciples are building up faithful men and women who will continue to entrust the truth to others.

Over the next 6 weeks you could go back and lead someone new through 2 Timothy or you could use one the best materials we have for introducing new people to inductive study in our 40 minute topical studies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.07.38 AMDid you watch the Live Event on July 27? We want you to find someone to study with and we have a special offer for you, if you will take our challenge to disciple another person using our 40 minute. Follow this link and watch the recorded Live Webcast Event, and make sure to visit our web store and download the FREE lightning study that is used on the webcast. At the end of the program we will offer a special code to purchase two 40 minute books at a reduced cost.


Thank you for joining us over the last month.

Serving Him and You.



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