Tuesday, July 14th

In the last few months at my house, we have been talking a lot about careers or what my girls want to do when they “grow-up”. My daughters – 5 & 11 – have such different ideas about the directions they think their lives will go. While my 5-year old changes her mind daily, my 11-year old has taken time to plan, to pray and to decide on what she wants to do as she gets older. The one commonality I see with both my girls is that they both have a deep desire to serve the Lord.

As I think about my own growing up, I too, had a desire early on to serve the Lord. I can clearly remember being 8 years old, sitting in the living room with my parents and explaining to them how one day I was going to work as a missionary – I AM going to dedicate my life to serving God!

2 Timothy 1:9 tells us that we have been saved and called by God with a holy calling, not according to our own works, but according to His own purpose. In this passage, the word holy means ‘pure, blameless, saint’ – it carries the idea of being sanctified or set apart.

When I think about that verse, that statement that we have been called with a holy calling – I have to wonder – am I living up to that holy calling? Am I waking up each and every morning dedicating my day to serving the Lord with 110%?

This week, we have been looking at guarding the treasure of the gospel and not being ashamed of it – how does that fit with this call to a holy calling?

God chose me, He chose you – not by anything we’ve done, how ‘good’ we have been, how much we do or give – but He chose us according to His purpose and His will. When I meditate on that truth, can I truly say that I am fully living a life that is set-apart for Him? Showing others, through my actions and words that I have been chosen by God, called for His holy calling? Being unashamed and careful to guard the truths that have been entrusted to me?

What about you, friend? Are you faithfully living out the holy calling to which you have been called by God? Are you living a life that is set apart, unashamed? Are you proclaiming the truths of God’s Word – the very truths that have saved us? Are you living in such a way that others can see that you have been chosen and set apart by God?


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