When I used to work at a summer camp years ago, one of my favourite parts of the week was when we would go around the circle and share God moments or God stories from our week. There were some challenging weeks that you weren’t sure how you would make it through, but then we would take the time to focus on the positives of that week, and then realize how God had been the One carrying us through.

We’ve had a couple late nights and early morning flights over the past few days which can make things seem challenging but God is good and I wanted to share a couple more God moments with you from our time in Winnipeg or “Winterpeg” as some like to say 🙂

DSC_0088_DrydenThe first story is about how God is continuing to lead us across this great country and connecting us with people across Canada. As we were on our way to Winnipeg for the workshop, we knew that there was going to be a short window of time from when we landed to when the workshop was going to start. Knowing that unexpected things can happen especially with the weather we were praying that we make it on time and the plane ended up arriving 20 mins early! Praise God!

Also due to unforeseen circumstances, God also opened up the door for a few people to come to the workshop last minute that might have not come before. Then there was also a group from Dryden, ON that drove over 4 hours to come to the workshop here in Winnipeg excited to get into God’s Word. I find it so cool to see how God directs us and stirs in our hearts and even opens up doors for us that we never saw coming.

IMG_5790That kind of leads into my second story that I’m still trying to process, so I’ll be short and sweet 🙂 Having the opportunity to go across Canada is something I never thought was possible. Not only is God teaching me more about loving His Word, He’s teaching me more about His timing and how perfect it is. Yesterday I was able to meet my Dad’s youngest brother for the first time…ever. He’s lived in Winnipeg for over 30 years and when I heard that we were coming here for a workshop, I started to wonder and pray that our paths would cross. Well, I’m in awe again of God’s great love. I
got to meet my Uncle Harry and it was one of those times where you knew God’s hand was in it the whole time. We got to talk and laugh and get to know a little bit about each other.

Maybe you’re going through a challenging time right now and you’re facing a trial of some kind. I would encourage you to take the time to focus on God and His Word and try and find those God moments in your life. Whether it’s in the little or big things, God’s timing is perfect and His love for us is so great.

This afternoon we’re heading to Regina, SK to prepare for a workshop on Monday evening. Please continue to pray for safety and for rest as Mark, Lisa, and I continue onto the second half of the Fan the Flame Cross-Canada tour.

Talk to you soon


Check out these videos from the Winnipeg. MB workshop and also the Barrie, ON workshop that our Sr. Trainer Sharon lead yesterday morning.

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  • Dad Detmar

    says on:
    March 6, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    Thank you Karen for your courage to find Uncle Harry in the building and then share the love of Christ with him. Many times our God moments appear when after having prayed we step out in faith and God rewarded our faith in Him. Keep stepping out for Jesus and the Word of God and the Holy Spirit will fan the flame that you, Mark and Lisa are spreading across Canada. love, Dad

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