Break Forth Update

In early August Kay was invited to speak at Break Forth Canada, a conference held in Edmonton, Alberta in late January. Kay, on behalf of Precept Ministries, has spoken at this con2015-01-Edmonton-Leader-Mtgference a number of times over the past 10 years. But this time we declined the invitation.

Kay and Mark felt that speaking at one main session did not allow Precept to fulfill its mission of establishing people in God’s Word.

However, after a few days the organizers presented a new proposal.  They would give us two days of training in the inductive method – seven sessions in all!

This was a direct answer to our prayer that God would open the door for us to fulfill our mission. Now that God had opened the door, we eagerly began to anticipate what else He had in store.

When the final schedule for the conference was released, there had been some drastic changes. The biggest being that Kay and Mark would be the only alternate Saturday breakout session and it would run concurrent to the main stage of the conference.

The registrants of Break Forth would have to make a choice: sit in with the main conference speaker and the high profile worship band, or be immersed in God’s Word with Kay and Mark.

As Kay and Mark discussed what would be taught in each session they also began to diligently pray that God would bring the people. Kay and Mark asked the staff in Canada and the US to pray, “Lord, send starving people to us so we can show them how to live from Your Word alone.”

At the leader meeting in Edmonton the night before, which was attended by over 100 people, we invited those present to also join us in praying for a great response from the conference attendees.

This event was bathed in prayer and Kay and Mark would be thankful for whomever God brought to the sessions . . . even if one person showed up they were ready to serve.2015-01-Breakforth-1

Saturday morning arrived with great anticipation. In the first session Mark would teach the first lesson of the new 40-Minute Bible study that he and Kay are co-writing.

Our volunteer team was ready to go with 250 handouts.

As people began to fill the room, Jessica, Mark’s wife passed him a note that said, “tell the attendees that we’ll make handouts available online.” WHAT!!! No handouts…WOW! God had sent almost 400 people to that first session.

We were humbled by what God was about to do with this day. Just to be on the safe side, we got 350 extra copies of each of our handouts for the remainder of the day.

Kay taught the second session to a room full of about 450 people.

At lunch Kay and Mark looked at each other with big smiles and praised God for answered prayer.

The afternoon session on discipleship drew almost 500 people, followed by Kay’s last session with well over 500 people.

We continue to rejoice over how God moved in such a powerful way. Who but God can move the heart of man? But, the most important part of this story is not the numbers of people who showed up, it is the people that made up those numbers.2015-01-Breakforth-2

People come to Mark and Kay in tears after studying just one lesson of the new 40-Minute study called “Igniting Your Passion for God,” admitting idols have destroyed their passion for Jesus Christ.

People were in tears longing to be discipled the way we described discipleship from Acts chapter 2. Kay had people in tears when she told them she wanted them to get involved in the ministry here in Canada.

God did more than just send people, He was working on their hearts and creating a greater desire to study His Word and disciple others.2015-01-Breakforth-3

Many of the people who joined us in the morning never left their seat all day. They craved more and more of the Word. They longed to be discipled and they were discovering the truth of God’s Word for themselves.

This was our answer to prayer and we are so thankful.

Friends, God is continuing to go above and beyond whatever we could ask or imagine and we are amazed at these blessings.

Please continue to pray for those who attended the conference. The next few weeks are crucial for our team as we minister to those who attended.

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