The Drive to 60 tour is well on it’s way and I am now enroute to Calgary for the 3rd day of the tour.  Over the past two days I’ve taught in Kamloops, Abbotsford and Fort Langley.

Since Monday we have established 160 Canadians in God’s Word with 120 of those people being brand new to Precept Inductive Bible Study. So exciting to see God at work in this way.

In Abbotsford we trained 34 people in Precept upon Precept leader training, all of them young and excited to establish others around them in the Word.

In Fort Langley we did the new Fast Track Discipleship Training with 80 people, more than 50% of these people were brand new to Precept.   What a blessing to watch as the students saw the Word of God jump off of the pages and come alive.

Not only did these new people learn new skills but in this Fast Track students who have been doing Precept studies for years had their eyes opened to learning new ways to study and feeling released from the worries of not having the right answers when it comes to filling in the At-a-Glance charts, what keywords are important and how to make lists within the text.

The people attending the Fast Track workshops have spoken….the time commitment is shorter, the 40 Minute and NISS studies (New Inductive Study Series) are easy to use and classrooms are full of excited people wanting to not only study the Word but teach it to others.

I believe that God is moving in a big way in BC and my prayer is He would do the same on the East Coast.  I’ll be there this coming weekend June 8, 9 and 10th. (Click to see the locations)

I want to personally encourage and invite you to join me at these FastTrack workshops…lets end the Drive to 60 Tour on a great note with full classrooms.  Bring a friend who has never been in a Precept study and together let’s witness the mighty work of God in this country.

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Quotes from participants:

Mark was able to take a complete study method that I have done many of in the PUP and made it feel very simple. I feel I could do my own inductive study of a book of the Bible without the guide – Cynthia, Langley
whatever training you bring to BC I will go to…Precept training is TOO GOOD TO MISS – Liv, Langley

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