Entrusting the Word to faithful men in Steinbach, Manitoba

The Drive to 60 Tour is complete! I met so many people on this trip who share the same excitement for God’s Word as I do. In every location I heard stories of how God has transformed lives through Precept Ministries Inductive Bible Study.

In the June Plumbline you will read some of those stories. An example is Laura Toews in Abbotsford. While staying with Laura’s parents they shared how they have seen their daughter transformed by the Word of God. They describe the transformation as contagious—Laura’s mom has joined her study as a result.

In the Precept Upon Precept Leader Training I saw a classroom full of young adults who were eager students, excited to be trained to go out and lead.

As I made my way across the country l gained valuable insight into the struggles Bible study leaders face. The feelings of isolation from other leaders; the frustration of losing students from their PUP classes; to further frustration in hearing those they invite tell them they have no time to do homework.

The FastTrack workshop takes away the last frustration. It is an exciting door to bring new students through and experience the power of inductive Bible Study without homework.

In every location our attendance was in the double digits, not one of the workshops faced cancellation and in Halifax more than expected showed up for the final night of teaching.

Although numbers are great, this is not what excites me most about this tour. In every location I laid out the challenge to “make disciples” by finding one person they could pass the baton on to. Many people said yes to the challenge and said they will start to disciple one other person through the 40 Minute or NISS studies. This is what the trip was all about, crossing the country to encourage, challenge and train people to become disciple makers. I watched as individuals, churches, pastors accepted this challenge by purchasing left over books from the workshops. Others told me that God has already placed another person on their heart.

The work is far from finished; we live in a MASSIVE country…trust me…it is not easy to go coast to coast in one trip. After an exhausting week there is one thing I know…I CANNOT do this alone.

Precept Ministries needs you more than ever; from BC to Newfoundland there are myriads of people who need the Word of God. Daily people are looking for answers, wondering why their prayers are not answered, asking if the God they profess with their lips even exists, or cares about them. They so desperately want to hear from God, yet never pick up the Word of God.

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

The word ‘inspired’ or ‘breathed’ in the Greek is theopneustos means to blow or breathe. If we stand behind what Paul says, that all Scripture is God-breathed, then we can conclude that the 66 books of the Bible is the very voice of God. Do you believe it? In your hands you hold the voice of God and the answer to so many of the questions people in this country have, all you have to do is open the Scriptures with someone looking for the answers and watch as God transforms their minds and lives through the power of the Holy Spirit through inductive Bible Study.

So do not wait any longer, entrust the Word to faithful men, pass the baton and partner with Precept in establishing people in God’s Word.

A special note to people in the Territories, Quebec , PEI and Newfoundland—I didn’t make it this time, but if you know of people whom we can serve alongside in these regions contact us, we don’t want to leave any Canadians out!

Join a FastTrack workshop near you or online or contact me at the ministry to learn more about how the 40 Minute Bible Study can be used as an effective tool to introduce people to the Lord.

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