by Jenessa from Alberta

In late November 2014, the Lord placed it on my heart to organize a inductive Bible study weekend to enable people to study the Bible for themselves and help them discern whether books they read, sermons they get online, etc. are Biblical truth.

I was hoping to reach those who may not be able to commit to a weekly study but would like to know how to study the Bible on their own.

I shared this idea with a few friends at church and my friend Jon offered to co-lead it. With our pastors and elders’ support and encouragement and only a few weeks notice, we invited the people in our church to join us for ‘Digest the Word or Be Digested: Tools to Study the Bible featuring Jonah’ on January 16-17, 2015.

We used the Jonah Precept Upon Precept study materials and added some extra instruction on how to study the Bible inductively when you only have a Bible (and computer). We also had candy to represent Observation, Interpretation, and Application and an object lesson that included sharp and dull knives.2015-02-Digest-1

The result was completely because of the good hand of our God!

We had 35 people join us, ranging from experienced Bible study students to some who had never studied the Bible before and never read the Old Testament. We also had some new believers come!

I’m finally ‘seeing’ the Bible!

It was such a blessed weekend, filled with good questions, “Aha!” application moments, and lots of discussion. We heard comments like, “I’m finally ‘seeing’ the Bible!” (because of marking key words) and, “I thought I should be tired after we studied for so many hours, but instead the time flew by because I enjoyed studying God’s Word so much!

Thanks be to the Lord for His work and the privilege we as believers have to partner in it! My encouragement to you all is: “When God calls you to do something, do it!! He will provide!”