July 10th – 15th, 2017 | Brantford, ON

Join trainers Mark Sheldrake, Sharon Kaufman, and author of the Discover 4 Yourself® series, Janna Arndt! Spaces are limited so make sure you register soon!


Galatians Study Program

Monday, July 10th – 14th, 2017

As the gospel spread across the Roman world in the first decades after Jesus’ earthly ministry, conflict arose. Jews and Gentiles were believing the gospel, and a struggle over what it meant to be a Christian began. What does it mean to live under grace? Do you have to keep the Law to be a Christian? All of it or just part of it? Who is right? How will we know?

Join us for the Galatians study program, where we will work together through the Galatians Precept Upon Precept® workbook together, discuss the study with like-minded believers, and see how this important letter to the Galatians is relevant for us today.

Each day we will begin with a time of prayer, have a discussion and a video lecture based on the lesson for that day.

Trainer: Mark Sheldrake
COST: $99

(materials all included)

Eventbrite - Galatians Study Program

Planning & Leading Precept Upon Precept® Discussions

Thursday July 13th – Friday July 14th, 2017

The Training Workshop participant will:

Learn to effectively use the Leader Guides to plan fruitful discussions

1. Study and discuss:

  • Old Testament history lesson from 1 Samuel

  • Old Testament prophecy lesson from Daniel

  • New Testament overview lesson from 2 Thessalonians

  • New Testament topical lesson from Philippians

2. Learn Leadership Skills:

  • to help your students discover Truth for themselves

  • to help your students apply truths from each lesson

  • to explain to your students how to complete a lesson

Trainer: Sharon Kaufman
COST: $75 (before June 15th, 2017)
$90 (after June 15th, 2017)

(materials all included)

Eventbrite - Planning & Leading Precept Upon Precept Discussions

Teaching Inductive Bible Study to Kids

Saturday, July  15th, 2017

This workshop will prepare the Leaders to teach 8 to 12-year old kids the basic skills of Inductive Bible study using the Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids!

Come and learn from D4Y author, Janna Arndt how to teach your children to observe, interpret, and apply God’s Word by marking key words, asking the 5Ws and H questions, and making lists. Be equipped with other practical ideas like playing games and doing special projects as well as learning how to use these studies in a group setting or during a child’s quiet time.

Trainer: Janna Arndt
$50 (before June 15th, 2017)
$65 (after June 15th, 2017)

(materials all included)

Eventbrite - Teaching Inductive Bible Study to Kids (Spaces are LIMITED for this workshop. REGISTER EARLY to guarantee your spot!)

40-Minute FastTrack Leader Training – Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost

Saturday, July  15th, 2017

These days it’s often difficult to identify any differences in lifestyle between those who profess to be Christians and those who don’t. But Jesus challenged those who choose to follow Him to count the cost. So what does true discipleship look like? What does it require of us?

Through this important study on Discipleship, you will learn what it really means to deny yourself and follow Christ, as well as learning a proven method of Bible Study that you can use to disciple others – in a group or one-on-one.

By the end of this workshop, you will feel renewed, trained and ready to join a group or begin making disciples using the 40-Minute Bible Study Series.

Trainer: Sharon Kaufman
COST: FREE (materials all included)


Eventbrite - FastTrack Leader Training - Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost



Mark has a passion to see God’s people established in God’s Word. At the age of 18 Mark followed the call of Jesus to serve Him in full-time vocational ministry through the local church and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.  Mark currently serves as the National Director for Precept Ministries in Canada travelling across the country teaching people how to study the Bible using Precept’s Inductive Bible Study Method. Mark is married to Jessica and they have two children Ethan and Logan.


Janna Arndt is the author of the Discover 4 Yourself® series.  She has written 19 books including “How To Study Your Bible For Kids” to teach kids how to study the Bible for themselves. She is the Children’s Ministry Coordinator and Trainer for Precept Ministries International, training others how to use the Discover 4 Yourself® Bible Studies in different environments.  Janna’s heart is for children to know and love God’s Word by learning how to read, understand, and apply the Bible for themselves. Janna and her husband, Jerry, live in Chattanooga, Tn.  They have been married for 35 years and have two grown sons, Chase and Brent, and a daughter in law, Audrey. 


Sharon has been teaching Precept Bible studies for almost 30 years and a Precept Ministries Trainer for more than 20 years. She has taught seminars at our Precept Conferences, has spoken for various ladies’ groups and has travelled across Canada training people in the Inductive Bible Study Method.  Sharon is filled with passion to see people study the Word of God Inductively.  Sharon is married to Grant. They have three grown children, seven grandchildren and one great grandson.