Thank YOU for praying for our Doulos Cross-Canada Tour!

Here’s what one participant said: “I grew up in a home where Islam was taught and practiced. As a teenager, I began to attend a youth group at an evangelistic church and accepted Christ as my Saviour. It was met with much opposition from my family. I personally know the cost of being a disciple. My family has disowned me, but I have a whole new family now, brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray for my family that they too will
come to know Jesus as Saviour.”

Here’s what others said about the tour:

“Very informative. I learned that I can lead a study. It convicted my heart to be a better disciple.”

            “So helpful! Appreciated the Scripture focus and the division into groups at the end— lots of profitable
                   discussion. The Word spoke to me this morning!”

                             “Wow! So powerful and eye opening. I want to learn more and hope there are more opportunities
                                through this ministry.”

                                              “This was very helpful and an excellent way to work this method of study into my small
                                                group Bible studies. This method of study causes one to examine the Scriptures in a   
                                                more insightful way.”