Dictionary.com defines aviophobia as : fear of flying in an airplane or other aircraft.

IMG_5749Yesterday this was confirmed in a big way for me. I’ve been on planes many times in my life but recently I’ve developed this particular fear. Today we flew on a plane with about 10 other people (including the 2 pilots). Everyone got an isle and a window seat…if you know what I mean. In all fairness, Mark did warn me that the plane would be small but I was in no way prepared for what I saw when I got on the plane. I’m pretty sure my exact words were, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

As I was buckling myself into my seat, all I could think of is that I had no choice but to trust the pilot and above all, trust God. I could choose to panic and get upset or I could pray and rest in God’s perfect peace. I chose the latter while gripping onto the chair in front of me 😉

When we finally leveled out in the sky, I kept looking out the window and focused on the beautiful creation that God has made.

DSC_0038While we were working through the workshop last night in St. Stephen, NB, we talked about being distracted by things that take our focus away from God. How would our lives be different if we followed God and His Word instead of getting distracted by the things consuming our lives?

If I would have given into the fear and tried to battle through it without God’s strength, all I would be able to see is what the fear wanted me to see. But by leaning on God and turning my focus on Him, I was able to have peace. It may not be an overnight fix but it’s definitely something I need to strive for every day…and on every flight going forward 🙂

What kind of distractions take your focus from the Lord? What have you found helpful in getting rid of the distractions and turning to God?

Today we’re going to Greenfield Park, QC! Pray for all those that are coming to this workshop, that God’s Word would be clear and that the language barrier wouldn’t get in the way.

Till next time


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