sharonby Sharon Kaufman, Senior Workshop Trainer

Since January 2014 it has been my privilege to serve as the Senior Trainer with Precept Ministries. The year began with a whirlwind cross-Canada tour where it was my privilege to meet many people and some potential trainers. I was able to witness many people being established in God’s Word as we made stops from Nova Scotia to British Columbia to the Northwest Territories.

Studying the Bible inductively has become a priority because I know the difference it has made in my life as to how I live, how I treat others, how I respond to crisis—it has given me a biblical worldview.

My passion is to see more Canadians established in God’s Word, studying the Bible inductively. This is something that can only be done with the help of more people. I have started a study in Nehemiah and I see how his passion was to build the wall in Jerusalem. He could not do that on his own, so he enlisted people from different backgrounds with various abilities and gifts united in a common task to help him build the wall. We are looking for men and women in every province across Canada who are willing to give of their time and gifting and who share the passion to see Canadians established in God’s Word. As in Nehemiah, here in Canada also, the work is extensive. Would you consider partnering with us to establish more people in God’s Word by helping us train more people in inductive Bible Study?

When we set out to do kingdom work we can expect opposition. Know that when you spend time with God in His word and then live out the truths you have learned, there will be attacks from the enemy of your soul. And as in Nehemiah we too need to “build a gate” at the point of attack. This is done with prayer, an awareness of the enemy’s strategy, and a commitment to stand firm.

We all have a part to play in building the kingdom of God. For some of us that means physical labour for others of us it may mean labouring in prayer but one thing we can know for sure as Nehemiah 4:20 says, “our God will fight for us”. And just as the people in Nehemiah’s day, let us also have “a mind to work.”

Again I ask you, would you consider partnering with us in training more people in Inductive Bible Study?

Please contact Precept Ministries if you would like more information about becoming a workshop trainer.