IMG_5921Yesterday morning I woke up feeling great! I felt rested and was in a good mood. Then at the airport they called our flight to board and as I’m walking onto the runway to the plane, fear starting to come over me. They joy that I was feeling all morning, was starting to slip away all because of what…a small plane? You’d think after 12 flights already on this trip that I would be cured of my fear of flying. I know I sure did! 🙂 But when you step onto a plane with only a handful of people and the pilot is also the flight attendant, your mind starts playing games.

DSC_0051The same thing can happen with sin in our lives. We can be going along doing our thing thinking that everything is great and just like that, in a split second, sin and the things of this world can take over. We can fall back into our old ways and in this case, fall back into a fear that I was dreading at the beginning of this tour.

The truth of the matter is this. We all at one point are going to fall and the temptation to give into what we used to know, will be right there waiting for us. It’s in those moments though that we need to claim that Christ has won the victory and He will be there to bring us back to Him if we are willing.

DSC_0048More than once over the past couple of weeks, God has brought people to these Fan the Flame workshops and opened hearts to the Truth of His Word. Hearts that have fallen away from the scriptures or hearts longing for that “something more” in their lives. God is meeting people just as they are and it has been a very humbling experience to witness these moments and to hear the stories.

Monday we’re heading to the last stop on the tour in Terrace, BC. Our prayer is that God would continue to transform lives for His glory and His purpose!

Till next time!

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