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You are probably wondering what we are talking about. What is Precept’s O. C. and why is Kay Arthur vloging now?

We have the answers. Precept’s O. C. is our new Precept Online Community, and Kay’s vlog is a flip cam video of her and David Lawson talking about it on Precept Radio.
What is the Precept O.C.?
 An online community for connecting and equipping Bible Study Leaders and students by providing ongoing support, training opportunities and exclusive resources to help them become more effective in their study of God’s Word and in making disciples for Christ.
What is the goal? Connecting, Equipping, and Making Disciples.
It is a place you can:
  • Connect with like-minded believers who love God’s Word.
  • Access Precept’s Resource Library- to receive exclusive Bible study and leader resources to increase your effectiveness!
  • Find a local Precept Bible study class or join an Online Bible Study to go deeper into the study of God’s Word with others.
  • Participate in Bible Study Leader Enrichment Groups- to learn and share knowledge and tips regarding specific Precept Bible Studies. Address your questions to Precept veteran leaders and authors!
  • Host an online group for your local Bible Study class– to share resources, prayer requests and study discussions, plus a group blogging tool!
  • Explore Events– to learn more about Precept and local events, classes and training opportunities.
  • Utilize Events Feature- to promote your Bible Study Class or event.
  • Enjoy Precept blogs and groups featuring the teaching of Kay and David Arthur and other Precept authors/ trainers.
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