DSC_0192Due to the busy travel schedule of the tour, there’s not a lot of time to really see the different provinces that we’ve been to. Today though we had the opportunity see some of downtown Vancouver and the beautiful landscape of Stanley Park. The whole time we were driving and walking around I was just in awe and kept thinking, “God is so amazing!” I couldn’t get over how big the mountains were and I was almost like a giddy school girl when taking pictures.

During the workshop last night in Burnaby,  it made me think about when we’re studying the bible. Am I reading the Word and thinking, “God is so amazing!” Or am I filled with joy and excitement to continue reading the scriptures? ….yes I was convicted once again. Before when I read the bible, I usually just read it to finish a chapter or find a specific answer. While working at Precept though, I find myself reading through scripture differently. Taking the time to read through the Word slowly, not only to mark it but also to really understand what I’m reading. It’s amazing what stands out when you take your time right?

DSC_0010Can you relate? What has God shown you through His Word as you slowed down and took the time to really understand what the scriptures say?

We have two more workshops on the Fan the Flame Cross Canada Tour and I know God is not finished yet. I hope that as this tour comes to a close that you will continue to take your time. Yes, there’s an urgent need to be in the Word, but if we rush through it, we’ll miss the most important Truth that we simply cannot live without.


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