“Summer is coming!”

Words heard around the office this week as the weather has been great. It’s been sunny, warm and thoughts of turning the A/C on have crossed my mind.

There are a lot of things to look forward to in the summer. I love getting out on the Brantford Railway Trail and running 10-15 km listening to my worship music. I love seeing all of the little animals running across the trail as I speed by (in my mind I’m running 100 km/h, but in reality the animals are probably laughing and comparing me to the snapping turtle they saw crossing the trail earlier in the day).

As the summer approaches we begin to look forward to holidays, gardening, weed killing and so much more. For some reason I always look to the summer and think things will slow down a bit for me, less work, more time off. My small group ends so I am not preparing my weekly class, etc.

This summer I am taking a much different approach. As a ministry we are launching “Drive to 60.” I’m excited about this project. I’ll give you a small snippet of the Drive to 60 Project but you can find more here. (The Full Details)     (The Short Version)

“Drive to 60” is a project that incorporates 3 key areas within the ministry.

  1. Donations
  2. Workshops
  3. Classes

Mark is getting ready for a cross-Canada tour

I’m kicking this “Drive to 60” project off by crossing Canada in ONE WEEK. Starting in BC I will travel from Province to Province teaching the Fast Track workshop as well as promoting the importance of discipleship.

As the summer approaches and we begin to wrap things up with our classes I want to encourage you to challenge your students to continue to disciple others. You see, even though summer is on its way and many things come to an end, we have to be aware that discipleship never ends.

I was speaking with one leader yesterday about this and I asked her about her fall classes. We talked at length about her desire to get more people to join her in the fall and that by challenging the students to disciple someone over the summer with our 40 min series she may see an increase in new people joining as they have now tasted and seen the value of Inductive Bible Study.

Here is a copy of what she sent to her group when we finished talking:

“I was just talking to Mark Sheldrake of Precept in Canada, and he suggested encouraging you all to – over the summer – get a 40 minute study – maybe the “Having a Real Relationship with God” – and each of you do it with at least 1 other person over the summer. It only takes 40 minutes to go through the lesson each week. Maybe meet with someone once a week to go over it and hopefully that would help them to see the value of inductive study methods and be encouraged to go deeper with the PUP studies.
These 40 minute studies do not require any homework and will definitely open their eyes to see the value of studying God’s Word. You just go through it with them when you meet and it is all just right there in the book you will not need any preparation or anything, but you will be discipling someone in His word, and you too will be blessed.

I would love to see you all have at least one or even 2 meet with you. How exciting if we had at least 10 more interested in PUP.

This would also be an excellent study for starting Genesis and will keep you in His word for the summer too.”

The Drive to 60 project is all about you. We are praying you will partner with us as and work towards 60 Fast Track Training Workshops across the country as well as seeing 60 new discipleship groups started. Whether the groups are Precept Upon Precept, 40 Minute, NISS or Lord studies, big groups, small groups or one-on-one, it does not matter to me as long as we begin to see new people Established in God’s Word and being transformed into the likeness of God.

This exciting new project starts with you as Bible Study Leaders and Students challenging each other and accepting my challenge to find one other person to disciple this year. Think about the circle of people you have. One person will be easy. Meet for coffee and study, go for a walk, run or bike and find a place in a park to sit and study for 40 min. How cool will it be to see thousands more studying God’s Word in 2013 knowing by the power of the Holy Spirit it started when we challenged out students to “go, therefore and teach all Jesus commanded.”

Will you join us in the Drive to 60 Project?

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