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Lisa Williamson’s Story

Dear Friends, “living in the world, but not of the world” is becoming more challenging. Youth find it difficult to live out Biblical truth with the peer pressure and media influence that engulfs them.

As a mother of two teenage boys (who I am proud to say, are listening to the call of God in their lives by being in the WORD) I was praying for an opportunity to present a pilot project to teach the Inductive Bible Study Method at their school, Calgary Christian School. I could see it was a way to get each student personally in the WORD—praying fervently, reading Scripture intentionally, observing with purpose, interpreting and applying it with conviction. After my initial meeting with the Principal, where great interest was shown, I was given the opportunity to present the project to the Grade 7 Bible teachers. Everyone was on board with going into more depth to learn what God is telling us today.

The teachers and myself consulted about which study would best suit the Grade 7 curriculum. The Resolve study was chosen from Transform Student Ministries. The study started and I attended several classes to observe and receive feedback from students and teachers alike. It is very encouraging to know that everyone has found this method of study of great benefit personally. The teachers have commented by saying, “The Grade 7 curriculum required a Bible study that would fit with our theme of ‘Living as Christians in our Communities.’ The Resolve study of Daniel chapters 1-6 gave us a great starting point and though we have made some adaptations for the classrooms, the students have been looking intently at Scripture, discovering what it says, and are being challenged to see God’s calling in their lives.”

Another teacher commented, “The Bible study topic is a great fit for our ‘Communities’ theme. It gave us a good look at how the OT speaks directly to us today and I really liked the idea of examining Scripture closely and allowing it to speak for itself without a lot of commentary from other sources. It sure has us digging into Scripture, something I don’t believe a lot of kids do elsewhere.” A student said, “It’s a great in-depth study of the Bible but fun and helps with learning to live the right way.”

It is my prayer as we continue to journey down this path that lives will be forever changed, classes added and God’s kingdom glorified in all that these students do with their lives. Please pray for us!

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