I was sitting in a local coffee shop one day when I overheard a conversation in the booth behind me. The person shared graphic details of a medical procedure that saved their life. This prompted me to change the direction of my conversation that day. I wondered, “Why is it so easy for someone to share the graphic details of a medical life-saving procedure with others in a public place without fear of embarrassment?” My next question was, “Why can medical details be shared so readily, but there never seems to be the right moment for someone to share about the only One who provides a true ‘life-saving procedure’?”

Out of that coffee conversation and my study of 1 Peter, we developed the “Called to Proclaim” FastTrack Workshop. As you read this letter, we are teaching this workshop on our Cross–Canada Tour. In 13 locations over 16 days, our Precept trainers and I are prepared to establish hundreds, and Lord willing, more than 1,000 people in God’s Word!

The Called to Proclaim FastTrack workshop incorporates the two Bible studies Living Like You Belong to God (40 Minute No Homework Series) and Living with Discernment in the End Times (The New Inductive Study Series). Our key verse is 1 Peter 2:9.

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

This passage is important. Peter describes our identity and gives instructions to the chosen race and royal priesthood. He reminds us that Jesus is the cornerstone and we are the living stones. We are people for God’s own possession.

These verses are so encouraging to the believer because they confirm our position as believers in Jesus Christ.

In addition, Peter reminds us that, even as the children of God, there is work to be done. He uses “so that”, the term of conclusion, to mobilize believers to the work: The chosen race, royal priesthood and people for God’s own possession have been called to “proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into marvelous light”.

We were destined for wrath but because of Jesus, we now have life. As believers we are called to proclaim, as Peter describes, that there was a time when we were not a people for God’s own possession, but now, through the blood of Jesus Christ, we moved from not having God’s mercy on us, to being people who have received the mercy of God.

This reality is the true “life-saving procedure!”

The fact that Jesus provided eternal life is worthy to be proclaimed throughout the world!

So then, why is this an uncomfortable conversation and why do many find it difficult to share this reality?

A recent Bible engagement survey was released in September 2014 which indicated that 1 in 7 or 14% of Canadians who call themselves Christian read their Bible at least once a week. The majority of Christians surveyed read their Bible seldom or never. Only 18% of self-professing Christian Canadians strongly agree that the Bible is the Word of God.

the only answer is God and His Word

Friends, our country is in trouble and the only answer is God and His Word, and yet only a small number of people engage in it or believe it.

Today we are free to engage with the Bible, but difficult days are coming, days when Canadians will be forced to deny the truth or die for what Jesus has done. We see this in the Middle East with ISIS, and the time will come when Canadians will face persecution for declaring God’s Word. Now is the time to proclaim from the rooftops that Jesus is Lord and that He is the only one who “saves” a life.

Will you join me in committing to make a difference in Canada? Precept Ministries exists because we have been called to proclaim His excellencies through the power of the Holy Spirit using the Inductive Bible Study method. Our desire is to establish thousands of Canadians in His Word so they too will further the kingdom of God by proclaiming what Jesus did on the cross.

We have committed to establishing 10,000 Canadians in God’s Word through Inductive Bible Study this year, most of whom have never been involved in studying God’s Word this way. We are doing it through the “Called to Proclaim” tour right now. We will also do it through upcoming Bible Study and Leadership workshops, online classes, and the new classes that those who have attended the workshops will start this year.

To accomplish this for God and His glory, we are asking that God would move in your heart to make a sacrificial financial gift. Know that these resources will go directly to establishing new people in God’s Word. If sending a gift at this time is not possible, please help by joining me in praying for Canada, and praying for your community and church leadership.

We must act now because the time of Jesus’ return is near. There is no greater time than this to proclaim Jesus Christ—the true “life-saving procedure” for all who believe!

Proclaiming Him,

PS. When you give a gift this month, we would like to send you Kay’s message entitled “Are You Betraying the Son of Man?” This powerful and timely message from Luke chapter 22 will help you prepare for the days that lie ahead. Request it today on DVD or CD through our secure online store or by calling 1.877.234.2030.