You’ve probably heard it said before that the French-speaking population in Canada is the least evangelized people group in our country. We know that the need is great and that’s why it’s so exciting for the opportunity to come to Quebec and see a group of people excited for God’s Word.

When people started to walk into the church, it was clear as they looked at the book table that the need was confirmed. We had one French book on the table, but they were longing for more. Guess what?…God is already answering this prayer! We have more studies currently being translated and even a few that will be ready to use, Lord-willing by the end of this month! (More on this coming soon!)

DSC_0054Now even though God has been answering the prayers for these studies, we still need to continue to pray for BIG things in Quebec. What good will these books do if they’re just sitting on a shelf?  Would you join us as a ministry in praying for those in Quebec and that God would open up doors for Christine Harkins, our French-speaking Trainer, and all the bible study leaders in Quebec? Pray that they feel encouraged by the work that God is already doing and will do.

We also need to pray for God to work in the hearts of those in and around Quebec who have grown apathetic to His Word.  I’m sure we could all think of a handful of people across Canada that we know who have become apathetic in their walk with the Lord. If you’re honest, maybe you’re even one of those people. There is HOPE! Your passion for God can be ignited again. Read His Word and pray. Pray for BIG things from an even BIGGER God because He can do it. Amen?

Today we’re in Winnipeg and can’t wait to see what God is going to do!


(P.S. Happy Birthday Mom 🙂 )

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