Maximum Benefit – Minimum Time

What is the most often reason men give for not spending time in God’s Word? “Time – I don’t have time.”

I have found a Bible study that fits into my schedule while maximizing the use of my time to develop my relationship with my Heavenly Father!

The 40-Minute Bible Study Series is the perfect Bible study for men because it can be used for personal devotions, one-on-one discipleship and men’s ministry group discipleship.

There are 24 Studies in this series already with more being written. These topical studies look at what the Bible teaches about worship, prayer, sex, physical and mental self-control and knowing God, just to name a few.

As you study the most important passages of Scripture on the topic, you’ll compare Scripture with Scripture, allowing men to see what God requires. Thus we are able to order our life accordingly and grow in Christ-likeness.

Each study contains 6 lessons. When I use these studies for personal quiet-time I set aside 15 minutes each day, Monday to Friday before I go to work. I find that the Bible study prepares me for my day. I divide the lesson up throughout the week and complete the entire study in about 6 weeks. But this is the simplicity of the study. There is no pressure to get it done. So if I miss a day, I pick it up where I left off the previous day of study. The studies are extremely flexible. I may even spend more than 15 minutes on some days.

Doing my Bible study before work gives me something to meditate on and talk about with my wife and co-workers each day. Sometimes I find others interested in what the Bible says about this topic. That interest has lead to using that study for family devotions and inviting men to do the study together.

These 40 Minute Bible Studies are user friendly, simple and not cumbersome. You do not need to be a Bible scholar or a mature Christian to do them. All you need is the ability to read a little. Each study is self-contained with the Scriptures, questions and summaries right in the book. You observe the Scriptures right in the book and answer the questions verbally.

Men, this Bible study series is truly the answer for all of us who desire to know God better. We all know that the key to growth in Christ-likeness is a heart that yearns for God and the things of God. To truly know God, we need to know His Word. To do so we need to take responsibility for our own spiritual growth. Surely 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week is not too much to offer our Heavenly Father, is it?

Men, please accept this as a challenge to grow by starting a 40 Minute Bible study in your daily quiet-time.

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