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“Praise God from whom all blessings flow” I love that part of the Doxology as it reminds me again and again of the One who we are called to praise.
God is faithful to those who remain faithful to Him and we have seen this through our Matching Gift Campaign.

God has provided above and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine. Not only did we meet the goal we, by God’s gracious provision, exceeded the goal of raising $100,000.00

Now we can be overjoyed at the money that was raised..yes we can! But let me tell you that we are more excited to see how God will use these funds to Establish More People in God’s Word. This is the heartbeat of our ministry. It’s never about the money, it’s all about God’s glory being revealed through life transformation. This is why we celebrate this amazing gift that we have been given.

Jesus told us not to store up our treasures on earth but store our treasures in the Kingdom of God, and this is what we will do. We pray that God will open more doors for training, more classes, more trainers, a network of Precept leaders with one goal, with one focus and that is Jesus Christ and His power to transform this world through His Word. Friends…this is the joy we share in today.

Praise God, Praise Him from whom all blessings flow. God is at work, He deserves our praise over this wonderful gift of $200,000.00 for Canada.

Take some time today to pray, worship and give thanks…also mark this day September 1, 2014 in your journal…for this is the day God blessed Precept Canada beyond what we could ever ask or imagine, this is the day that God changed the scope of how we do ministry in Canada.