sandra-lowenby Sandra Loewen, Workshop Trainer

In our six years living in Ottawa, God has provided many opportunities for me to speak about Inductive Bible Study and lead studies at church and in my home. Recently I have been leading over 80 Jr. & Sr. high students through 40-Minute Bible Studies on Sunday mornings. I have introduced and led many Precept studies over the years, but Ottawa needs more Inductive Bible study leaders to establish many more in God’s Word. I cannot lead every class! I have felt the desire growing in me to train up leaders, as it has been such a joy-filled journey for me, and God has honoured and blessed my journey.

Honestly, when God pressed upon me a desire to become a trainer, it seemed impossible in my circumstances. But a wise friend once told me that ‘our circumstances are a poor indication of what God is doing.’ I responded in faith that if God called me then I was willing to go! Last May, God affirmed this desire through the encouragement of my husband, Richard, while we were talking with Mark Sheldrake.

The process to become a Workshop Trainer has been much less intimidating than I had anticipated. Upon completing and submitting my application to become a trainer, an on-line video interview was set up with Precept’s Senior Trainer, Sharon Kaufman. A few weeks later another on-line interview was scheduled with both Sharon and Mark. After the interviews, it was so exciting to receive an invitation to attend Trainer Training in Brantford for four days in October.

There were many opportunities for watching, learning, and practicing skills in an encouraging atmosphere. The biggest challenge was switching my thinking from being a Bible study leader, to a workshop trainer. But I now feel equipped to begin Bible study training in my area. And I am not left on my own, as there is still a strong connection to Sharon, and the prayer support of the ministry as I set out to train others in the principles of Inductive Bible Study. The step-by-step process and guidance has built confidence that I am certain is the beginning of an exciting new season for me. I left the four days of training feeling like part of the Precept Team and I have great expectations for where God is leading Precept Ministries in Canada!

It is vital to equip Bible Study leaders in the Ottawa area. Not only do we have people native to Ottawa, we also have hundreds of nations represented in our city who have influence in their homes here as well as in their homeland. I also sense that God is moving to establish His church both locally and nationally like never before. These are expectant days in our country and we need to be a nation who knows God’s Word and are obedient to equip disciples.

I am looking forward to networking with those in this region that are already leading Precept Bible Studies, to see if there are opportunities to come and both equip and disciple more people in Inductive Bible Study. It has taken several years to discover others in my area who are faithfully leading Precept studies and I know there may be many more that I can connect with and support in our region. Whether it is a group of 3-4 or maybe you can fill a room, I would love to partner with you to establish more people in God’s Word both in your church and community. Please call the ministry to find out how simple it is to host a training workshop that will impact those in your life and neighborhood for eternity!


Would you like to host a workshop or join a Bible study in Ottawa? Contact Precept and we’ll put you in touch with Sandra.