Happy New Year Canada

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  I did a Google search on the Top 50 New Year’s Resolutions

Here are a few:

1. Evaluate last year’s resolutions
2. Accomplish the Incomplete
3. Make realistic resolutions
4. Monitor progress of resolutions
5. Quit and addictions
6. Go back to school
7. Get fit in fitness
8. Soak up new skills
9. Healthy eating
10. Pay of debt
11. Have less stress
12. Contribute to a cause
13. Treasure your treasures
14. Liven up my lifestyle
15. Have fun with the family.
16. Travel
17. Adopt a pet
18. Get struck by cupid
19. Pamper myself once a month.
20. Overcome a fear.

Last year my two resolutions were to first read through the Bible in 90 days which I accomplished by the first week of April and the second was to qualify for the Boston Marathon which I did not accomplish in 2014 so it is again on my list of goals for 2015.
I find that when most make a New Year’s resolution the excitement of the New Year coming at the stroke of midnight on January 1st quickly fizzles as we get back to the full reality of trying to juggle so many different tasks, from work, to family, to church commitments or other volunteering opportunities it’s hard to keep up with the resolutions.  Fitness Centres across the country are busy in January with so many people wanting to get back in shape after indulging over the holidays.  In early February most gyms return to their normal day to day business as the get fit resolution kicks us off of the wagon.

Notice in the above list the number of resolutions that develop a persons personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  None of the 20 listed have any relationship to spiritual growth.

For the next 31 days we’re going to do the 31 Day Bible Challenge.  Below you’ll see some information about how to take part in the challenge.  How great would it be for you to make a commitment to being in the Bible everyday?   The Bible is our lifeline as believers and we need to study His Word.  Kay Arthur often asks when speaking to groups “How many books of the Bible are there?”  Many respond “66”  Then Kay comes back with a rhetorical question “How many does He want you to know?”  Before anyone can responds she shouts “ALL OF THEM”   This is our call, to know God’s Word and then teach it to others.  Join the 31 Day Bible Challenge Today.  Click on the file below to learn more about the challenge.

31 Day Challenge