Thursday, July 30th

As we start week our last week of 2 Timothy we are asked to mark where the text mentions Jesus. There are a few verses that got me thinking about how much I think about Jesus throughout the day and how willing I am to share the gospel with those around me. I think about my neighbours on either side of my house. Have I shared the gospel with them? Am I different than the rest of my neighbours so that they see Jesus in my life?

Too often I don’t have the time to speak with some of them and just pass by, sometimes not even acknowledging they are there. There are others that I actually try to avoid because I don’t like their lifestyle choices. Maybe you can relate a little bit with my situation.

When we look at 2 Tim 4:17 we see that the Lord strengthens Paul, so that through him “all the Gentiles might hear.” This encourages us to share the gospel with everyone, not just the ones we like, or that make us feel comfortable. Likewise, we shouldn’t wait for someone else to do it in our place. Of course, it’s also true that being busy is no excuse for keeping the gospel to yourself. I know the Lord will strengthen me to do this because Paul says the Lord strengthened him so that he could proclaim the gospel. Back in 2 Tim 1:7 we learned that God gives us a spirit of power which enables us to suffer for the gospel. As Paul finishes up he reminds Timothy that the Lord strengthens him so that he can preach the gospel. Power in 2 Tim 1:7 and strengthen in 2 Tim 4:17 come from the same Greek root word. God has given us His power to share the gospel regardless of what the response of others might be.


In my first blog post, found here, I mentioned that we should have a passion for the gospel. If that passion exists in me then I should sharing the gospel with my neighbours. Most of the time, I really struggle with stopping to talk with them because of the things I mentioned earlier, but also because I’m afraid of what they would think of me. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m ashamed of the gospel. I know, though, that the Lord will stand with me and strengthen me to share my faith with them

How is your walk with the Lord? If we are going to be obedient disciples of Christ, we need to be bold, speak up, and speak truth without shame. Do you have a passion for the gospel or are you just floating through life? Are you sharing your faith?


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