Laura-Davis-cropby Laura J. Davis

I’ve always loved studying my Bible, but over a decade ago I was introduced to inductive study and Precept Ministries after purchasing one of Kay Arthur’s books. After seeing the value in this kind of study I jumped in enthusiastically.
Some time later Kay came to speak at a weekend conference and I was absolutely mesmerized. It was at this event that I felt God calling me to be a Precept leader. So I went to the Brantford office and took a course that would enable me to teach the studies.

While I had enthusiasm for this type of study, finding people with the same kind of zeal was difficult. Even though my church willingly backed me and encouraged me to lead a Precept study, not one person signed up!

Devastated that I had taken the training but couldn’t share it, I found a study someone else was teaching and took their classes hoping to one day be in the position of teacher. But God was moving and as things often turn out when we wait on Him – His plan and His way was better.

A couple of years prior to this God had turned my career upside down when, as a result of an unrelated surgery, I lost my ability to sing professionally. After several months of trying to sing and failing, I was getting more and more depressed. It was around that time that I began to get a story in my head about the life of Christ as seen through the eyes of His mother. I knew it was the Lord telling me He wanted me to write about it. I surrendered my desire to have my voice back and allowed God to use me instead to write.

It is because of what I have learned from Precept and Kay Arthur, that I have grown in my knowledge of God and the Bible. In the ensuing years I have published three Christian books and I now lead Bible Studies on-line.

I am so thankful for the teaching that showed me the value of digging deeper into the Word of God as it has not only deepened my understanding of the Bible but it has made my relationship with the Lord all the more real.


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