Mark SheldrakeIn the past year I’ve experienced many moments of physical weakness and I have known the power of Christ dwelling in me. One of those times of weakness was the Drive to 60 tour in June 2013. Although I was exhausted by the end of it I was also exhilarated! Could this be what Paul felt when he said God’s strength is perfected in our weakness? 2 Cor. 12:9

Crossing Canada from coast to coast in 10 days of training workshops, leader meetings, speaking to pastors and churches taught me a lot. I learned about the struggles pastors face as they try to mobilize their congregation to study the Bible. I witnessed many of the amazing things that God is doing across the country—from growing Precept groups in Abbotsford, to a group of men I met who were studying Romans Precept Upon Precept together and then watching Kay’s DVD.

What I won’t soon forget is the common message I heard from leaders throughout the tour about the importance of being connected with leaders both near and far. They longed for the encouragement that a close community offers.

When I asked Leaders how they were doing, many shared that by the time May comes they are ready for a break. Exhaustion kicks in from leading, administration and the responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with caring for a Bible study group. Some leaders limp across the finish line eager for the rest that Summer can bring. Others press on through the summer with a small break and then gear up for September.

Fast-forward to October 20, 2013—another moment of exhaustion and exhilaration that is firmly entrenched in my memory—I sprinted across the finish line at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I felt strong and exhilarated that I had run a personal best. However, crossing the finish line was the beginning of another race to the airport so as not to miss my flight to Chicago for a church planting conference.

The next day, still recovering from the marathon and the flight, I sat at the church planting conference and witnessed a fellowship of believers being recharged, lifted up, ministered to and equipped for future ministry. And I too, though physically exhausted was recharged, lifted up, ministered to and equipped. After the conference I jumped in the car excited to get back to Precept and serve.

I firmly believe that an opportunity to recharge the batteries is needed for all of our faithful partners.

When I met with Kay Arthur in Chattanooga at the beginning of December, I shared with her the vision for Recharge, she caught our vision and was so excited that she offered to come and be a part of it. This will be Kay’s first trip to Eastern Canada in 7 years. She sees this as a vital opportunity to pass the baton of Precept Inductive Study so that more Canadians are established in God’s Word.

We have been gearing up to provide much needed support to Precept leaders across the country through the Precept Network. The Recharge National Conference will be an essential way to receive that support and to learn how to connect and engage with the Network. It will be June 4-7, in Cambridge, Ontario.

My vision is that, as we develop the Precept Network, we instill a sense of community among Bible study leaders who are used to serving in autonomy and even obscure anonymity. We want everyone connected to Precept to know and understand that they are a part of a fellowship of believers who serve in making disciples through the Precept Inductive Method.

My prayer is that the National Conference would become an event on every leader and ministry partner’s yearly calendar. Imagine for a moment, hundreds of leaders coming together in the name of Jesus to worship, pray and study together. Envision leaders being encouraged as they hear what God is doing across the country and meet fellow leaders, pastors, donors and students. They will build support networks and at the same time be recharged after a year of service.

The Recharge National Network Conference is not like anything we have done in the past. The focus is not on Inductive Study Training. You will see this reflected in the list of seminars we are offering and the people who are leading them. The focus is on building community, learning from each other, having an opportunity to recharge together and prepare for a new year of ministry.

Will everyone be able to attend? Probably not. We are fully aware that the expense of attending from some parts of the country may be too much. In spite of that, we are praying that God will provide a way to attend for everyone who is passionate about fulfilling the mission and vision of Precept. One of the ways God might provide is through Bible study students in a class who could sponsor their leader or a class delegate to attend.

As you consider the Recharge conference would you do two things?

  1. Don’t say No! – Pray before you begin to question finances or check your schedule. Ask God to show you what He wants you to do. After you pray would you obey? If God wants you here, He’ll make it possible.
  2. Register Early – Remember, Kay will be here…there will be a high demand for tickets to all of our main sessions with Kay since she has not been to Ontario since 2007. Kay will speak a number of times over the conference and we anticipate a full auditorium. I don’t want you to miss this opportunity!

Thank you so much for considering the National Conference. The details and registration options can be found by clicking on the Recharge banner below.


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