Parfam Conference | Montreal, Quebec

September 10. 2016

circlephoto_christineAbout 160 people were gathered on a hot and humid Saturday in Montreal, desiring to be trained to better serve God.

Five, 1-hour workshops were offered two times during the day (one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon). Among those workshops offered was The Essentials of Bible Study from Precept Ministries .

picture1It was my first presentation out of my own community, so it was a new challenge.  I felt even more compelled to count on God’s grace and directon to meet the need of  the people who would attend this workshop.

For the morning workshop, 40 people were present; we had to tell a few people to come back for the afternoon session because the room was packed.

picture2This group was eager to learn and participated very well. At the end,  I gave my Precept business card  to those desiring  another workshop.  At lunch time, I had the opportunity to talk to some people who were attending, and they were telling me that they apppreciated this way of studying the Bible and would like to have a presentation for their church.

In the afternoon session, there was about 35 people (evaluated by my husband who has a good eye for that).

picture3After each session, I showed them the different Precept studies translated in French.  After the sessions, people were coming to me to ask questions about the books and type of studies according to their situation.

I thank God for giving me this opportunity to share His Word and Precept tools to help people better know their God and Savior, and better serve the living God!

Christine Harkins
Trainer for Precept Ministries in Quebec

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