The ministry started out the year with the following focus “believing
God for more…WAY MORE!”
The focus remains the same and we’re still looking to God to continue doing mighty things in and through the ministry.

God has been opening new doors this week and we’re so excited to see Him moving.  Personally I’m in awe at how Awesome He is…God is fulfilling His promises as Jehovah –jireh.

On Tuesday we launched the Drive to 60 project. This exciting project focuses on three key aspects of the ministry.  Drive to 60 focuses on donations, workshops and discipleship groups known to most of us as bible study classes.

Essentially Drive to 60 looks like this:

  1. $60,000 to Establish 30,000 new Canadians in God’s Word – the cost to do this is $2.00 per person

    Mark is getting ready for a cross-Canada tour

  2. 60 New E Team Members (people who are dedicated to the ministry through monthly giving, prayer and support.)
  3. 60 Fast Track Training Workshops across Canada
  4. 60 New Discipleship Groups.

The first phase of the launch this week came through Social Media like twitter and Facebook, as well as mass e mail.  We’ve seen great response so far through these three avenues of communication.

The second phase will roll out next week and this is exciting.  This will be a physical mail out letter from me with the same challenges that were posted through the online launch but this mail out will include a special DVD.  I had the opportunity to shoot 3 short clips sharing my heart for ministry in Canada as well as the Drive to 60 project and how you as leaders and students can partner with us.  This DVD can be played in your classes, shared online, or handed off to your church leadership.  I’m praying that God will use this tool to help you solidify and grow the ministry in your area.

The third phase of the launch is the CRAZIEST thing I have ever done…yes I’ve run some marathons but this is so much BIGGER.  I believe the Lord has laid out this plan for
us to really launch the ministry’s growth across Canada.  This is all about believing God for WAY MORE!  Can you sense my excitement?  I feel led to travel across Canada in 9 DAYS.  Yes you read that right…9 days.  I’ll be in one province a day from June 1-June 10.  I’ll be teaching our brand new Fast Track workshop as well as promoting the importance of being not just disciples of Jesus but intentionally becoming disciple makers as God has commanded us to do.  On June 1 I’ll start the tour in British Columbia and be home in Ontario again June 10th.   This is a huge adventure and I’d ask that you pray for me as I cross the country.  Canada is HUGE and it won’t be easy but by the power of the Holy Spirit we’ll further the kingdom and build up His church.

Exciting Stuff but let me tell you what I’ve witnessed this week in regards to the Drive to 60 Project

  1. 7 New E Team Members in 2 Days.
  2. 5 of the 7 locations across Canada booked in 4 Days.
  3. Registrations already coming in for the Fast Track workshops
  4. Pastor(s) and Small Group Leaders ready and willing to meet with me to discuss discipleship
  5. Equal Partners ready and willing to serve anywhere they can to facilitate the cross Canada trip.

In less than ONE WEEK we have seen the Lord move in mighty ways and I am overjoyed at how God provides for the faithful, for the ones who follow after Him in obedience.

Would you continue to pray as to how you can partner in the Drive to 60 project.  Remember the project is not all about donations to the ministry.  If becoming a one time or monthly donor is not an option for you then why not be one of those who host a Fast Track workshop, we have 5 trainers across the country ready to teach the Fast Track to anyone who is willing to host and attend.  If hosting a workshop is too much right now why not start a 40 min discipleship group in your home for the summer. If putting a group together is too much why not find one other person you could disciple over the summer. I love the idea of seeing people studying God’s Word together.  When I was on staff with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship the Director commissioned the new staff by telling us “If you by God impact one person this year, I’ll consider that a successful year”  Imagine that…one person…no problem right?

Let me quickly paint a picture for you.An invitation to partner with Precept Ministries

3000 (active Precept Students) + (1 new disciple each) = (6000 active Precept Students this summer) 

In September (6000 active students) + (1 new disciple each) = (12, 000 active Precept Students to end 2013)

In January 2014 (12,000 active students) + (1 new disciple each) = (24,000 active Precept Students)

By the end of 2014 48,000 new students actively studying God’s Word using the Inductive Method.  All off this growth starts with you, a 40 min and 1 other person.  Picture the number of people studying if we had groups of 10….WOW!  Oh how His church would be different.

Starts with you and your response to Drive to 60…will you partner with us?  

I’d love to hear from you…comment below on what you think of this project

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  • Sally Hall

    says on:
    May 16, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    Great job. Love this and will be copying some of it 🙂

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