When we landed in Regina on Sunday, we were greeted by the warm sunshine and 12 degrees. Yes, you read that correct. We looked out of the windows of the plane and there were people in shorts! As much as I love the snow, the warmer weather was a welcomed surprise 🙂

DSC_0092On Monday morning, Lisa and I had the opportunity to meet with a couple of ladies who are involved with Precept and have a heart for God’s Word. It was a great time to learn more about where they’re from in Alberta and what God is doing in their lives. We talked about churches that are falling away from God’s Word by lessoning the amount of scripture that is taught, but also about churches that God is blessing as they devote themselves to teaching the scriptures and encouraging the congregation to read and study them.

DSC_0096As big as this great country is, the unfortunate thing is that we all know churches like this. A lot of  churches and congregations have become apathetic to the Word of God and they don’t even know it. The common thread is that either they are teaching the Word or they’re not. Some churches may think that the changes that they make are helping their congregation by making it more “approachable” for non-christians. Yet by doing this, they are diminishing the greatness of God and the power that He has to reach His children.
What burdens my heart is seeing children and youth that are being brought up in a world where they’re told the Bible is just a bunch of stories and guidelines instead of the inerrant and inspired Word of God. How do we prevent ourselves from falling into this trap of putting God in a box? Where we decide what we will believe from the bible and what we will deny is truth?

DSC_0101We need to throw away all those things in our life that take us from God’s Word. Those things that put doubt in our mind about whether what is written in the bible is actually truth. We need to be steadfast in our devotion of reading and studying God’s Word so that we’re surrounded by the Truth more than the things of this world that claim to be “truth”. I pray we never diminish the greatness of God and His precious Word that He has given to us.

Today we’re heading to Medicine Hat, AB. We are so humbled by what God has been doing on this tour so far and we can’t wait to see what else He’s got in store.

Till next time



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