It was supposed to be a joyous day but there we sat brokenhearted with our newborn baby in intensive care critically ill. What do you do when you are faced with a heart break? Tom and I had no idea. No one had taught us how to handle a situation like this. We cried out to God. Where was He? What was He doing?

I decided at that terrible moment in our lives I had to reach out to God and get to know Him. But where could I look for help? It was not until I found Precept Bible studies that I really found the answer. The Precept Inductive Bible Study method allowed me to know God through His Word and it has forever changed me. The amazing change in my life compelled me to disciple my friends and family using the Precept method of Inductive Bible study.

This is not a new story. Most leaders start a small group using Precept’s Inductive Bible study materials because they want others to experience the same changed life.

The changed life happens because the Word of God is powerful; it performs its work in those who believe. (1 Thessalonians 2:13) But for the Word of God to change us we have to know it and in order to know it we must study it.

Precept Ministries Inductive Bible study is a unique and effective method of studying and leading. No other ministry trains leaders to lead Bible study the way that Precept does. While process has been refined since Kay Arthur first began teaching over 40 years ago, at the core it is still basically students studying God’s Word for themselves using the Precept key word marking system and leaders leading by asking questions. Even the no-homework 40-Minute Bible Studies use these principles.

One of the things that will help Precept rapidly multiply and reach 10 million people by 2015 is through guarding the simplicity and integrity of Precept’s Inductive Bible Study method and leadership style.

No matter where a student joins a Precept class anywhere in Canada, or around the world, they should have a similar experience. They should hear “Precept” and know what to expect.

Leaders do not need to come up with their own format or add to the Precept model. The men and women who have worked alongside Kay over the last 40+ years have diligently sought God’s direction regarding the Inductive Bible study method and the ‘leading by asking questions’ model. It can be trusted, it works! And, it is reproducible in the next generation of disciples.

This is what the Precept Bible study experience should look like:

  1. The leader shows the students how to do their homework through an orientation.
  2. Every student is provided with a Precept (NISS, Lord, etc.) workbook for that course so they can do the homework (or do the marking in class together as in the case of the 40-Minute No Homework studies).
  3. The group meets weekly.
  4. The leader teaches by asking questions so a discussion of the homework takes place. (Additional handouts and outlines are not needed.)
  5. The leader follows the discussion with the lecture available from Precept. (The lecture is optional. It can also be done by a gifted teacher or pastor.)

If your experience is not like this it is time to refresh your skills by attending a Bible study workshop or leadership workshop. It’s common for leaders and students to drift from the model over time, you won’t regret getting back on track and the easiest way to do that is by updating your training.

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