I am truly heartbroken to share this news with you today.  Due to significantly low registrations for our upcoming Recharge National Conference, we will be cancelling the event.

The purpose for our Recharge Conference is to bring our Bible Study Leaders together for a time of equipping and encouragement as we glorify God in worship, learn from His Word and share in your experiences of how God is using you to make disciples through Precept Ministries. 

In 2014 we had a tremendous conference with 180 people attending the day sessions and more than 1000 people attending the evening sessions.  Our speaker last year was Kay Arthur and knowing she would not return this year we diligently prayed that those who attended last year would return not because of the speaker but because they were blessed to be among likeminded people.  Our ministry fully understands the costs involved for participants to come from across the Country and know that this can also be a hindrance to attending.  In light of this we will take Recharge back to the Lord and ask Him to show us where we are to proceed from here in developing a conference/event either nationally or in individual provinces that will bring leaders and students together to share resources, to encourage and to most importantly bring God the glory due His name.

In light of this, we would still like to offer training to those who have committed to attending the Conference. We will be offering a 3-day Training event working through 2 Timothy from Thursday to Saturday, June 4th-6th, 2015. For those already registered for Recharge there will be no cost for the training, aside from the cost of lodgings and meals. If you haven’t registered for Recharge, but are interested in this 3-Day Training, the cost will be $195. Please contact us directly if you would like to join us.

Would you join me in praying for all of the breakout session leaders who have worked so hard to prepare their materials and talks for the conference?  This was their opportunity to share how God is at work in their lives.  Pray that our session leaders and our staff here at the office will not be discouraged by this closed door.

Finally I want to thank you for your commitment to Recharge through your registration and planned attendance.  I promise we will run this event again as I believe as we grow closer to the return of Jesus Christ it will be even more vital to come together with people who share the same passions and desire to see people studying God’s Word with Inductive Study.

Serving Him,